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Discover Fun Corporate Team Building Activities in Grand Rapids

Are you looking for the best corporate team-building activities in Grand Rapids? Whether you want to bring your department together with fun physical challenges, precision activities, or education meetings, we have the perfect facility for your team’s needs.

At BattleGR, we believe that as adults, we have forgotten how to play, be creative, and be social without social media. Our team building programs help to solidify your team. We do this by providing a new environment that allows them to see each other as individuals, separate from their corporate roles.

One of the biggest challenges companies/teams have is helping their associates adapt to today’s ever-changing environment. Let BattleGR help you increase your team engagement by breaking down the silos and helping your teams learn how to adapt to changing situations. We facilitate games focusing on leadership, teamwork, communication, and adaptation.

With over 20 different options for games and activities, we can customize a team building package to fit your team’s needs. So give us a call and experience a smooth planning process with BattleGR’s dedicated Company Events Coordinator. Together we will design an event that will excite and delight your team.

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Corporate Team

BattleGR: A Unique Corporate Team Building Experience

BattleGR is the perfect choice for a corporate team-building experience in Grand Rapids. Our facility offers a range of physical, precision, and educational activities that your team can enjoy, helping to strengthen the bond between colleagues. Planning your event is easy and stress-free with the help of our Company Events Coordinator. Our team will work with you to design an experience tailored to your company’s and your colleagues’ needs, ensuring that everyone has a great time.

From physical challenges, such as tactical laser tag, to precision events like our gamified axe throwing experience, or educational workshops, BattleGR has everything you need to get your team working together in a fun and engaging way. We use the latest technology in all our activities to ensure the best possible experience for your team. In addition, our experienced staff is on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly and that everyone is safe and having a great time. So if you’re looking for the perfect corporate team-building experience in Grand Rapids, look no further than BattleGR.

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Planning Made Easy: BattleGR’s Dedicated Company Events Coordinator

BattleGR’s dedicated Company Events Coordinator makes the planning process simple and stress-free. Whether you’re looking for a unique physical challenge, a precision game, or an educational meeting, they will provide you with a range of exciting options tailored to your team’s needs. With the coordinator’s help, you can design an event that will excite and delight your group.
Our Company Events Coordinator will assist with all the details.

  • Do you want food and beverages for your team? BattleGR has you covered.
  • Do you need a meeting space with audio-visual solutions for an educational segment? No problem!
  • Do you have specific objectives for your colleagues’ experience? BattleGR can suggest activities to help improve communication, strategy, teamwork, and more!

Our extensive experience with corporate teams is one reason BattleGR is a premier venue for Grand Rapids team building. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the day with your team.

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Positivity game

Team Building

Group Challenges: Team Building Activities to Strengthen Bonds

Having fun in a new environment is a great way to bring your team or department together. BattleGR in Grand Rapids offers a wide array of exciting team building activities that will help strengthen the bond between colleagues. Our facility allows for more team building options than almost any other space in or around Grand Rapids, MI.

Here are some ideas for your next team building outing:

  • Axe Throwing
  • Tactical Laser Tag
  • Archery Tag
  • Cornhole Tournament
  • Volleyball or Basketball Tournament
  • Football Bowling
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Axe Throwing

Team Axe Throwing: Precision, Fun, and Safety for All

Team Axe Throwing is the perfect choice for a large, diverse group. Each group can make it as competitive as they prefer or root for each other in a spirit of collaboration.

Axe Throwing Safety:

We take safety quite seriously, but then anyone can say that. So here are a few of the measures we take to ensure that our corporate clients safely enjoy axe throwing fun.

  • We dedicate at least one BattleGR Axe Throwing expert to your group.
  • Your instructor will explain our safety rules and make sure everyone is following those rules.
  • Each axe throwing lane has dividers, keeping spectators safe.
  • No-bounce-back borders surround our targets in each lane.
  • These borders prevent the axe from ricocheting back toward the thrower if it does not stick in the target.
  • We use the end grain of the wood to increase the likelihood of the axe sticking on impact.

For more information about axe throwing safety, check out our axe throwing page.

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Axe Throwing Game Types:

BattleGR goes way beyond traditional axe throwing. Of course, if you want, we have the conventional target with a bullseye. But in addition, we have multiple gamified axe throwing options that will keep your company outing interesting all day long. We have too many to list here, but check out a few of our popular options.

  • Tic Axe Toe – This is a spin on the classic game you played as a kid! Instead of X and O, you choose to be Axes or Targets for your team. When you hit a spot on the tic-tac-toe board, your team’s symbol appears. If you hit a space with your opponent’s symbol, it disappears. You have the choice to play defensively or offensively.
  • Cricket – The classic dart game is now available for axe throwing! Close out the numbers before your opponents to finish them off! Go for the triple scores to close faster!
  • Line Up 4 – Think of the game Connect 4, and spice it up with axes! Hit any column, and your color chip falls. Get 4 to line up across, up and down, or diagonally for the win!

We are confident that you and your team will have a memorable experience that leaves lasting impressions. So contact us today to book your corporate team building event near Grand Rapids.

Tactical Laser Tag

Tactical Laser Tag: Multiple Game Modes for Team Bonding

Tactical Laser Tag is one of the most popular options for team bonding activities at BattleGR. This thrilling game offers multiple game modes, making it the perfect choice for a variety of different group sizes and team-building objectives.

Unlike traditional laser tag, Tactical Laser Tag features various objectives (depending on the game mode). For example, your employees may be tasked with capturing control points or protecting a single team member. You choose the strategies and mindsets you wish to reinforce with your team. Our Company Events Coordinator will make some suggestions for the associated game mode.

Here are a few examples of our games by area of focus:

Leadership/Strategy Game

– The game mode “Seek And Destroy” is a classic example of leading your team to victory.

  • How it works: Your associates are divided into two teams. You can assign who is on which team to maximize the impact of this exercise. Each side must outmaneuver the other to destroy that team’s “intel box.” Each side has a leader who must balance the resources they expend on the attack and defense.

Teamwork/Cooperation Game

-This mode is called “Wingman.”

  • How it works: The players are divided up into teams of two. This game can facilitate up to four squads at once. Each group of two has a limited number of respawns. The last team of two standing wins. This game mode requires communication and coordination to win. To quote Top Gun, “You never, never leave your wingman.”

Awareness & Adaptation Game

– This mode is called “Free For All.”

  • How it works: The game starts as all versus all, but the rules and win parameters change without notice. Your employees must be in tune with what is happening around them and adapt to changes on the fly.

With Tactical Laser Tag, your team must use strategy, coordination, and communication to emerge victorious. Tactical Laser Tag is a great way to build teamwork and problem-solving skills. Additionally, your team will have fun while getting in some physical exertion. Your team will use agility, speed, and mental strength to outwit and outlast their opponents. Our laser tag missions page provides additional details. However, it is easy to see why tactical laser tag is an excellent way for your team to relax, have fun, and bond.

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Archery Tag

Archery Tag: Foam-Tipped Fun For Your Team

Archery Tag is the way to go if you want a truly unique experience for your team. This is an excellent option for companies with a group consisting of multiple departments.

What is Archery Tag?

Archery Tag is a fun and exciting team-building activity that provides an enjoyable way for co-workers to bond and connect with one another. Your group will face off with bows and foam-tipped arrows specifically designed for safety, fun, and excitement. Think dodgeball meets archery.

The field (indoor or outdoor) is strategically laid out with various types of barriers and zones. The barriers serve as cover from “enemy fire.” There are multiple game types to choose from, so the rules vary based on the selected game mode. Your BattleGR Event Coordinator will help you determine the best mode for your objectives.

3 Reasons Archery Tag is a Solid Choice For Corporate Team Building
  1.  Enhance communication and collaboration. Archery Tag is a team sport that requires good communication and collaboration to succeed. Teams must work together to execute their game plan. Encouraging and directing each other to success will build trust and foster teamwork. Archery Tag allows co-workers to break down barriers, get to know each other, and build a stronger connection.
  2.  Promote physical and mental wellness. Playing Archery Tag is an enjoyable way to get active, burn some calories, and improve overall physical and mental health. Archery Tag provides a fun, challenging, and physical workout that is sure to increase blood flow and help reduce stress and tension in the workplace. The mental challenge of hitting targets and the thrill of competition help to keep players focused on the task at hand.
  3.  Boost morale and encourages positive competition. Archery Tag is an exciting activity that can help improve morale and create a positive and upbeat atmosphere. Teams compete against each other in a friendly yet competitive environment, which can help to build camaraderie and encourage team spirit.

As you can see, Archery Tag is a winning choice for corporate team building. With its exciting, engaging, and challenging gameplay, Archery Tag provides a unique and enjoyable way for co-workers to bond, connect and build a stronger team.

Football Bowling

Football Bowling: A Grand Rapids Team Bonding Favorite

If you have not tried it yet, Football Bowling is a hybrid sport that combines elements of American football and bowling. Its popularity is spreading like wildfire for people of all ages and skill sets, and for good reason.

  • Football Bowling is Easy to Learn and Play

    – Football Bowling (also known as Throw Bowling) is a simple and straightforward game that is easy to learn and play. The rules are similar to bowling, but with the added challenge of trying to knock down the pins with a football. This combination of sports delivers a challenging yet entertaining experience for everyone.

  • Team Connection

    – Football Bowling is a fairly fast-paced game in that a single payer’s “turn” does not take very long. This makes Fowling a top choice for larger groups. Everyone has a little time to enjoy conversation and a delicious beverage in between throws without having to wait too long to get back into the action. Having fun and getting to know each other is what Football Bowling is all about.

  • Physical Activity

    – In addition to being a fun and exciting game, Football Bowling is also a deceptively fun workout. Throwing a football is an excellent upper-body workout, and the walking and reaching involved in playing Football Bowling is a good form of low-impact exercise. Whether you’re playing with friends or family, Football Bowling is a great way to get active, stay fit, and have fun.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a first-time player, Football Bowling is a fun and challenging way to connect with others and have a great time. So grab some colleagues or even another department and try Football Bowling today!

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Conference Room

Corporate Conference Room

Grand Rapids is the perfect place to host the ideal corporate team building experience. At BattleGR, we are known for facilitating fun. But, at the same time, we understand that breakout sessions or educational segments can be just what your team needs to round out your day.

Take a break from the action. Rest up in our distraction-free meeting room with available AV hookups. This space is perfect for a presentation about the goals you have for your team.

You can also enjoy some food and beverages while learning together. BattleGR has what you and your colleagues are craving. Check out our GRub” page for a list of what we offer. We have what you need to fuel up for more team-bonding fun!

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Team Building

What are some benefits of team building?
● Strengthens Bonds Between Employee and Leader
● Promotes Teamwork
● Improves Communication Skills
● Develops and Identifies Leadership Skills
● Learn About Your Staff
● Breaks down the silos and builds team cadence

Team Social

What are some benefits of team bonding (Social)?
● Get To Know Your Employees (in a not so competitive way)
● Improves Employee Engagement
● Boost Team Performance
● Enhance Company Culture
● Show Employees Appreciation

Our exclusive activities go above and beyond for your corporate team building and company events or entertainment.

We will customize the program for your team.

Taking Team Building To A New Level

Corporate & Group Event Packages

“I can’t say enough great things about how easy it was to work with Battle GR and I would recommend them to any corporation who is looking a fun way to boost morale, or just keep an already great group of people happy and engaged in their work.  Doing little things like this for your office from time to time really go a long way.  If you don’t believe me, just try it and see for yourself! Thanks for a great event!” –Sarah

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Some Of Our Corporate Affiliations

“OH MY GOSH, I have been in charge of team building and corporate events for the last 3+ years, and I’m always looking for new ideas for our office.  Battle GR was my BEST FIND EVER!!  75% of our office participated and everyone came up to tell me how much fun they had.  I think the people who didn’t participate were a little bummed they didn’t get out there after hearing everyone else raving about it.”