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What’s your mission? At BattleGR Tactical Games, we run more than 20 different laser tag missions (games) to keep your experience unique each time you enter our arena or hold an event. The game objectives vary in difficulty levels so kids of all ages can have a fun time. Each mission lasts approximately 5-10 minutes.

Below are a few of the most popular missions we offer for both indoor laser tag and mobile laser tag. If scheduling a party or event in Grand Rapids or the nearby area, you can request specific missions in advance.


Team Elimination

In team elimination (death match), the attacking team tries to eliminate all the players from the defending team first.​ Then teams switch roles and play again. The team that eliminates all the players on the other team fastest wins.


Golden Gun

This is a sniper mode game. One hit kills, but you only have one bullet per clip and a five second reload time. The team that re-spawns the least amount of times wins.


Hard Point

Teams are divided into two roles: attacking and defending. The defending team must hold a spot until their last man is taken down. The attacking team’s goal is to eliminate the defending team as fast as they can. After one round, teams switch roles, and the team that defends longest wins.


Seek & Destroy

The objective is to destroy the opposing teams Intel box while defending your own Intel box. Team that destroys the box first wins. Watch out cause the Intel box will shoot back.



No teams for this game. Players are all assigned a number, then given a card with a different number on it, referring to another player in the game, who becomes their target. Whoever can take their target down first wins.


Hold The Fort

The defending team must hold its base as long as possible, while the attacking team tries to eliminate them as fast as possible. The defenders get only one life, while the attacking team gets infinite re-spawns.

After the last defender is eliminated, the teams switch sides. Whichever team can hold out the longest wins.



Played like team death match (team elimination) except when you die you are now a hostage. You have to have a teammate come and rescue you without dying in order to go back to your base and re-spawn.



Players are split into up to four teams of two. Each team has a limited amount of respawns, all controlled by the taggers, and determined by the game facilitator. Last duo standing wins.


Free For All

Every man for himself. 15 hits eliminates you from the game. Last man standing wins.