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Whether you come to our arena or we set up on site at your location, team building has never been as fun as Laser Tag. We have two options. Option 1: Team Bonding, which is more about fun play and stress relief and Option 2: Mission Possible (Team Building)

Our Team Building Package is a fun, fast-paced competitive way to get to know your employees outside of work and use it as an ice-breaker for new staff on your team.

We will divide your employees into small teams and each group will compete against each other for the winning spot!  Our facilitators will lead their groups through an introduction, explain all the rules, provide some tips and tricks to better their scores, keep track of the scores and announce a winner at the end.

The experience is 2 1/2 hours of food and fun!

If your company is looking for a way to build a stronger team foundation and cadence in the workplace, BattleGR Team Building program can help you achieve those goals.

You can book your next event by calling us at (616) 345-0698 or emailing us HERE.

Team Bonding

Mission Possible

Taking Team Building To A New Level

Our exclusive activities go above and beyond for your corporate team building and company events or entertainment.

At BattleGR we believe that as adults we have forgotten how to play, be creative, and be social without social media. With our team building programs we help to solidify your team by breaking down the silos. One of the biggest challenges we find companies/teams have is helping their teams adapt to change with the ever changing environment that we find ourselves in our everyday lives. Let BattleGR help you increase your team engagement by breaking down the silos and helping your teams learn how to adapt to changing situations. We do this though games that focus on leadership, team work, communication, and adaptation. With over 20 different games and activities we customize our fun team building package to fit your teams needs. We also have a meeting area you can use before your team building activities. Food is another option we can add on to your package.

We will customize the program for your team.

Here are some examples of our games for each focus area are:


Seek and Destroy

Our Team Building Activity:

  • We divide your attendees into teams- you can predetermine the split.
  • Each team has one leader- you can predetermine the leaders.

The teams have to “destroy” the other teams intel boxes by repeatedly firing into the box’s target. The first team to complete the challenge is the winner.



Our Team Building Activity:

  • The players are paired into teams of two with a maximum of four teams.
  • Each of the team have a limited amount of respawns.

The team of two still standing wins. It is imperative that the duos communicate with their teammate in order to complete the mission.


Hard Point

Our Team Building Activity:

  • Teams are divided into two roles: attacking and defending.
  • The defending team must hold a spot until their last man is taken down.

The attacking team’s goal is to eliminate the defending team as fast as they can. After one round, teams switch roles, and the team that defends longest wins.


Free For All/Zombie

Our Team Building Activity:

  • The game starts out as a free-for-all.
  • The rules get changed without notice.

One or two of the players in this game begin as a zombie, the rest as humans. If a human is eliminated, they come back as a zombie themselves. Last human standing is declared the winner.


Positivity Game

Our Team Building Activity:

  • This is not a laser tag game.
  • This is a crowd favorite.

Instead, it is an interactive game where each person will leave with a paper that they can hang up in their office full of positive words about them that their teammates said about them.



Make it your own:

  • We create your own custom game.

We understand that there may be specific needs that your business or group has when working together. With a little notice, we can customized a game that helps identify and work through specific issues your employees may have.

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What People Are Saying


“OH MY GOSH, I have been in charge of team building and corporate events for the last 3+ years, and I’m always looking for new ideas for our office.  Battle GR was my BEST FIND EVER!!  75% of our office participated and everyone came up to tell me how much fun they had.  I think the people who didn’t participate were a little bummed they didn’t get out there after hearing everyone else raving about it.”


I can’t say enough great things about how easy it was to work with Battle GR and I would recommend them to any corporation who is looking a fun way to boost morale, or just keep an already great group of people happy and engaged in their work.  Doing little things like this for your office from time to time really go a long way.  If you don’t believe me, just try it and see for yourself! Thanks for a great event!” –Sarah

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Located in Grand Rapids, MI, BattleGR offers a playing experience like no other. Join our arena laser tag missions every Friday, Saturday. Summer hours start after memorial day and end labor day. We do open special during the weeks for groups. Come visit us, play laser tag, have a private party, and enjoy your recreational time. Although we don’t require reservations you will want to make one to make sure you don’t wait in line.