Summer Fun @ BattleGR

April 24, 2019 3:01 pm - Published by

We are getting ready for summer activities where we will be running some programs at our arena as well as out and about in the communities around! We will update this as we add new events as well.


Here is some information about what we will be doing in our 4 and 6 week programs!

BattleGR Tactical Games Laser Tag Program brings the fun of strategy to a long time favorite game of laser tag. With multiple strategic games to play your child will be begging you to sign them up again. Much like the video games that kids play today we will be focusing on the importance of teamwork and how to work as a team to achieve an objective. Wear athletic type clothes as this is an active game and bring a water bottle.

BattleGR Tactical Games Archery Tag Program were archery meets dodge-ball.
Archery Tag uses safe foam tipped arrows like Nerf and a recurve bow.
You will learn the fundamentals of how to shoot and aim using a bow.
You do not have to know how to shoot a bow to enroll, we will be teaching that.
We will play several different games that will focus on working as a team and physical activity. Wear athletic type clothes and bring a water bottle.

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