Middle School Competitive Tactical Laser Tag League

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What is Tactical Laser Tag:

I am so glad you asked, Tactical Laser Tag is a fast paced game that will put your teamwork to the test. TLT has all the advantages of a game like paintball or airsoft, but no projectiles. Our equipment is so advanced, they are able to shoot 600+ft on a sunny day! Multiple mission types will challenge event the most seasoned gamers!

We have 6 week Tactical Laser Tag league seasons for middle school students with teams consisting of teams of 4. You can register as a team or single player. (Single Players will be randomly placed on teams). T-shirt is included. Mondays starting September 16th – October 21st 4-6pm. Location: BattleGR Tactical Games 4735 Lake Michigan Dr NW GR MI 49534

You can register @ www.battlegr.com/book-now/?pid=3538

More about the Tactical Laser Tag League:

The Tactical Laser Tag League is unique as it does not favor “larger, faster, stronger” players. In fact, our sport favors teams that work together, and focus on communication. Traits that tend not to affect other organized sports in a drastic way.

One core focus of the Tactical Laser Tag League is starting middle school league programs around the country. Middle school students tend to be an under serviced demographic…not because programs don’t exist for them…but because middle school aged kids are extremely difficult to “keep their attention and interest”. The TLTL has created a program that has shown over the last three years, and over 300 registered players, that we have designed a program that not only has a huge appeal for these players, but also attracts players that do not normally come out for traditional organized sports.

The TLTL is unlike any other organized sport…it taps into the already massive video game industry but adds a level of exercise that most “couch commandos’ do not get. We call it “exertainment”. Many of the parents of our middle school players have approached us during a league season expressing their excitement that our program has gotten their kids off the couch, and away from FORTNITE…allowing them to play with their peers and get some much-needed exercise. With childhood obesity on the rise, and the interest in organized sports on the decline…there has never been a better time for us to introduce a new exciting option that overcomes the challenges needed to attract players into our programs

You can register @ www.battlegr.com/book-now/?pid=3538

Check out our facebook page @ http://facebook.com/battlegrgames

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